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Discerning False Teaching

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Jesus Calling

Discernment - New Revelation

If someone is claiming to have new revelation, it is false teaching.

This does not require a claim of new reveation, however. We need to look at what they are actually doing. The claim may be that the teaching clarifies scripture, or that it restores scripture to what it originally taught. What you need to do is look at what is being taught. If it varies from what scripture actually says, it is false teaching.

In many cases new, authorative writing is produced to support the new teaching.

Here are some examples:

The Mormans claim that what they teach is a restoration to what God originally revealed. They say that the original revelation has been distorted by man, and needed to be restored. God did that through the book of Mormon, the Doctrines and Covenents, and the Pearl of Great Price -- all of which are books produced by Joseph Smith. This is, in effect, a claim of new revelation and is false teaching.

The Jehovah's Witnesses took a different approach when people noticed that what they taught was not in accordance with scripture. They rewrote the Bible, coming out with the New World Translation. That's a very common approach. If the Bible does not agree with what you teach, change the Bible.

The Catholics use another common approach, they put the teaching of tradition in authority over the Bible.

Then there are the hyper-charismatics with their present-day apostles and prophets, all making proclamations from God, and in many cases contradicting each other. There are probably thousands of books written by these supposed apostles and prophets, and most include new revelation and new "words" from God. Apply the tests for a false prophets to these people. Who are they glorifying? Themselves. They may speak words about glorifying God, but what do their actions say? They glorify themselves.

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