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Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling Devotional Book Although incredibly popular, the Jesus Calling books are not Christian... not Biblical.

What Jesus Calling delivers is a feel-good, emotional experience. Although sounding as though it is based on the Bible, the words in Jesus Calling are not words Jesus would say.

What Jesus is truly calling you, and all of humanity to is salvation. The theme that runs through the entire Bible is that of redemption. We became separated from God in Genesis 3. The rest of the Bible is about solving that problem.

Jesus Calling is about your feeling good... about your emotions.

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Jesus Christ is about our being saved. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is more important than that.

Jesus does not promise us a pain-free life. What Jesus does promise is that, if we are true Christians, we will be persecuted. Jesus Christ tells us to pick up our cross and follow Him. The Jesus of Jesus Calling tells us to relax, don't think about the future, everything will be all right... we'll have peace and comfort.

The Jesus of Jesus Calling talks about our having peace. The Jesus of Jesus Calling is about our having comfort.

But the real Jesus tells us the peace He brings is not about us feeling good. In fact the peace Jesus brings puts us at war with the world. The peace Jesus brings is peace between God and mankind.

Before we are saved we are enemies of God -- no matter how religious or spiritual we are. Think of the Pharisees of Jesus' day. They were the most religious, the most spiritual, the best of God's chosen people. Yet Jesus called them vipers, hypocrites... whitewashed tombs (meaning looking good on the outside, but full of death on the inside). They were enemies of God -- as is anyone who is not trusting in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

This is not the Jesus of Jesus Calling!

Sarah Young claims Jesus Calling is not inspired scripture. But... who is speaking in the book? It is Jesus.

Putting words in the mouth of Jesus, that are not His words, is blasphemy.

On the other hand, if these are words Jesus said, then the Jesus Calling book is scripture.

There are no other options. Either Jesus Calling is scripture or it is blasphemy.

Jesus is God. Never forget that. Jesus is God. Creator of the universe. God who knows everything and who is NEVER wrong.

Jesus is truth. It's not that Jeus tells the truth. JESUS IS TRUTH. Putting words in the mouth of Jesus that are not His words is NOT TRUTH.

In her book Jesus Calling Sara Young puts words into the mouth of Jesus... INTO THE MOUTH OF THE ETERNAL, PERFECT, HOLY GOD... and in her introduction she says these words are not scripture. What does it mean to say they are not scripture? It means they are not the words of God.

This devotional book should be called It's Not Jesus Calling

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